Yoga Teacher Training -A Few Days In

And we are off!

I have a feeling the days are going to start blending together. I didn’t even attempt to journal last night because I was utterly exhausted. I went to bed at 8:30 PM. We had a hard morning practice, wiggling our way into poses I had never really done before, and we each had a turn at teaching Sun A (which means we did Sun A over and over 20 times).

In the afternoon we learned about nutrition from Lyndsay Anderson, a very talented teacher! Ironically, she is one of the friends I made in Bali. She was working at Yoga Barn at the time and we just had so much in common we insisted on staying in touch. Have you ever had that? You just become automatic friends with someone? It’s awesome! When I learned she was teaching for Les, I couldn’t believe it. Such a small world. 

Rather than focusing only on food, Lyndsay taught us the importance of the whole digestive system. She connected our physical body to our mental, emotional and spiritual body. She helped us remember that being healthy isn’t just what’s on our plate, but what’s around it. Meaning things like relationships, stress, exercise, fears, etc. 

We were reminded multiple times that every BODY is different. That we need to be intuitive and know what works well for us. Some people may have no problem with foods that could upset your body. Pay attention. 

We learned some other cool things like: 

– 80% of our immune system is in our gut

– That fasting (done correctly) can heal almost anything. Our bodies are biologically designed to feast and famine. It takes 3 days to reset your immune system. Also, the practice of fasting is found in all the historical texts. I haven’t tried this yet, but would like to. 

– Sorry, not sorry, but we are supposed to poop after every meal! If you’re doing this, good for you! If not, once a day is a great goal. 

– Oh! That when you eat something “bad” or against your diet, the guilt and shame you feel from that can actually be more harmful to your health than the food itself. 

Gosh, I could go on and on. She really did a fantastic job. You should check out business. It’s called Soul Happy. 
Today we had another 3 hour practice that was amazzzzzing. So challenging and sweaty I loved every bit of it. Les is an incredible teacher who is able to make a class suitable for all levels.

Our afternoon had two parts. First, we did an exercise where we practiced reading our students based on the way they were holding a pose. The point was to pick up non-verbal cues from students that could help us better understand who they are and why they are the way they are. I was one of the few who got to be analyzed, and I have to say, my friend Shruthie nailed it. She had me all figured out based on my pigeon pose. Sounds a bit crazy, but our bodies say a lot… 

Second, we started Anatomy! It’s fascinating and boring at the same time. A lot of information that you have to sit still to learn, but understanding the human body is just incredible. 

Home. Dinner. Study and to bed early. That’s the life right now. 


PS – sorry for any typos, I am doing this from my phone because I don’t have Internet where I’m staying. It will have to do! 

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