Update From Monteverde

I’m sitting here at tiny cafe in Monteverde Costa Rica delighting in the most delicious cappuccino. It’s the small things that matter in life, right?  I think so.

This weekend away from Quepos has been exactly what I needed. A bit of a getaway. A retreat. It’s a moment to pause and make sense of this new chapter. The time is going by so quickly and I don’t want it to be gone without even realizing it is happening. I keep finding myself having these moments where I need to pause as ask myself, “Where am I?” Life is just happening too quickly.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time here in Costa Rica so far. It is a different experience than traveling SE Asia. I have a home here. I have a community and a”job” here. So, I live here. This is home for now. I’ve found comfort in my new Monday through Friday schedule and appreciate the stability and groundedness this routine offers.

I continue to treasure living in a foreign country. It’s challenging and pushes me out of my comfort zone. It tends to help me appreciate the things I do have and care less about the things that aren’t important. For example, because I did an incredibly poor job of packing (where was my mind?) I’m consequently living a very minimal lifestyle. I have everything I need but I am repeating outfits over and over and don’t have ideal footwear. Sigh. When I packed I guess I forgot I wouldn’t have to carry my belongings all around so I packed a bit too light. But, it has reminded me how little I need to live.

Anyway, back to the point.

I’m loving Costa Rica. I’ve been spending a lot of time with my new adventure buddy, Emily. She is from Minneapolis and will be teaching Art, English and Math at El Puente for the next year and a half. She and I have a lot in common but have very different strengths. We have enjoyed sharing our interests and passions with each other. She practices yoga with me and I paint with her! It’s been the start of a wonderful friendship.

This weekend’s adventure was to Monteverde but I am looking forward to seeing what other adventures we decide to take! Costa Rica has so much to offer!

Thanks for following along. I am sorry for not having the ability to call or Skype much but finding decent internet has proven to be difficult. We just got WIFI at home though so hopefully I will be able to make a few calls.

Miss you all!


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