New friends in new places 

Today was a beautiful day here in Costa Rica. Beautiful not because the sun was shining, but because it was so rich with experiences. 

The day started sharing breakfast with Anna, her husband Andres, and their two sons, Levi (2) and Oliver (1).  I chose the standard Tico (Costa Rican) breakfast which is rice, beans, fried cheese, eggs, and tortilla. It was delicious. But not quite as good as the locally roasted coffee which had free refills though! I’m in coffee heaven here! 

After breakfast, Anna took me and my new friend (another teacher), Emily, around town to show us the lay of the land.  We stopped by a few of her favorite places, including a community park overlooking the ocean and the farmers market where we stocked up on fresh fruits and vegetables as well as hydrated with a coconut! 

Then in the afternoon I spent time with Jeremey, my 11 year old friend (and host) and another friend Soy (5). We shared a ripe, sweet, juicy mango and language lessons. It was fun and rewarding to see how excited they are to speak English. 

Then we went to the pool, the grocery store for dinner ingredients, then had a wonderful time making yellow curry with Emily. Our meal was better than I was expecting. But, I have to say getting to know her and her story was the most rewarding part of my day. 

I’m always amazed at how God puts the right people in my life at the right time. Emily and I seem to have a lot in common. Our stories may look and sound different but they have a lot of the same underlying emotions. In fact, I find that more times than not – we as humans are so much more similar than different. If you experience guilt or shame or any other emotion, the REASON for that feeling may be different, but the FEELING is the same. 

I’m so appreciative to have made friends so quickly down here. It makes settling in a bit easier.  I did have a bit of homesickness today, which is expected and natural when assimilating to a new place, but it kind of caught me off guard. I decided to take some time alone, read and write and just relax. It helped a lot. 

Now I’m finally heading to bed after a full day! Tomorrow I’m attending my friends church which takes place on the beach! I’m really looking forward to it!

Thanks for following along 😃

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