Homesickness: The Struggle is Real! 

So, I am back in Thailand at Vikasa Yoga Retreat after a whirlwind of travel. Since the last time I was here I have been through Malaysia, to Bali, the Philippines, New Zealand, Australia, Bali AGAIN and northern Thailand. It feels good to be back in Koh Samui… for the most part.

With full transparency, I am extremely homesick, and I guess rightfully so when I think about all the change I have encountered in the past few months. Many new friends, cultures, food, beds, climate, ways of thinking, etc. EVERYTHING has been changing. I love change, and the thought of things staying the same makes me cringe, but I feel as though I am just craving home and some familiarity.

I miss my friends, family, the comfort of the western world, my faith community, and mild weather. The heat in Thailand right now is brutal! Don’t get me wrong, I love Thailand and the experience of living here, but it’s true, there is no place like home.

One thing that has been particularly hard is having to say goodbye to people I have developed strong connections with. When you travel, people tend to be impatient with small talk and jump into the things that matter (which I love). Because of this you can have a new close friend in the matter of days. Then, you part ways and have to say goodbye. It’s painful! This is happening over and over and over again. I know “‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all,” but it isn’t easy. I’ve noticed I have started to withdraw myself from connecting with people which is a sign that I may need a break.

Your prayers are appreciated as I navigate through this homesickness. I want to honor my commitment to Vikasa and finish out what I committed to do here but I am certainly looking forward to coming home to recharge my batteries soon! It helps to FaceTime and talk with friends from home, so let me know if you are free for a chat 🙂


Much love!




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