Bali round III – Even better than I remembered

I am frustrated with myself for not writing recently!  It’s a sign I’ve remained present in the moment, which is wonderful, but for me it’s also really important to take the time to reflect and document my travels and experiences. I know I’ll appreciate being able to replay my trip one day. It will also help me remember how much I’ve grown and the lessons I’ve learned. So, I’m committing to writing more. Feel free to hold me accountable.

I’m just leaving Bali now for the third time. I feel incredibly fortunate to have been able to return for another epic adventure. I clearly love this island. This time around was different because I was able to share Bali with a couple close friends. As much as I love meeting new friends everywhere I go, there’s something really special about a close friend meet me abroad! It makes me happy. So come visit if you haven’t! The invitation is open.
This time in Bali we started in Canggu and had the privilege of staying at a beautiful Villa called Ambalama. It was an Airbnb and it blew my mind (it will be very hard to go back to a hostel after experiencing this place). It may be one of the nicest places I’ve stayed and it was affordable thanks to my talented friend who exchanged some filming and videography for a huge discount. I love to see bartering still being practiced! Exchanging talents rather than dollars. I need to find a bartering talent…


Canggu is amazing if you want to experience Bali sans massive amounts of tourists. They say it’s the up and coming Seminyak, so check it out soon! The vibe is pretty chilled out. It has a mix of rice fields and black sand beaches; fun and trendy restaurants (like Betelnut, Monsieur Spoon, and La Dunia) and friendly locals willing to point you in the right direction when you get lost on your motorbike, which is bound to happen.

We then headed down to Uluwatu which was gorgeous. Cliffs, white sandy beaches and Nalu Bowls – which are smoothie bowls with delicious toppings like coconut, banana and granola. They are meant to be healthy, but I’m fairly certain they have as much sugar as a bowl of chunky monkey ice cream. But it’s good for the soul. We almost filled an entire punch card while we were there. We even loved it so much we bought the t-shirt!


Sunsets, beach bumming, Bintangs (local beer), coconuts, Nalu bowls, and pro surf watching was Uluwatu for me. It had all the components of a well rounded vacation.


After Uluwatu we hauled our stuff to Gili Trawangan a small sandy island off the coast of Lombok. The trip included a couple hours in a taxi, and hour on a boat, and ten minutes in a horse drawn tuk tuk.  Let me tell you, the juice was worth the squeeze! We had a blast exploring the island on our peddle bikes and discovering the local charm. We stayed in another Air BnB which I’m now convinced is the best way to go.

 The best part of Gili T was frequenting Pituq Cafe. It’s a small vegan restaurant that serves the BEST Gado-Gado I’ve ever had. Even if the word Vegan makes you cringe, I guarantee you would still find something delicious on the menu. Every time we left my belly was completely full and happy. The owner is a sweet girl from Finland who risked it all to make her dream come true. My favorite kind of people!


Another highlight was hiring our own private boat to snorkel the best spots around the island. We swam with sea turtles and jumped off the front of the boat countless times. It was worth every penny spent – which was not much (maybe $40 USD for 3 of us).

 Finally, the moment I had been anticipating was getting to Ubud. My heaven on earth. I couldn’t wait to show my friends my favorite city. We ate at my favorite cafes, Clear, Kafe, and Atman and of course stopped at the Yoga Barn! We also attended the Bali Spirit Festival, which was Yoga, Dance and Culture. It was a great experience which required a lot of open mindedness to say the least.

img_7060 img_7032
And now here I am, miles in the sky on my way to Chang Mai, Thailand already missing Bali’s energy. She’s been so good to me. I love her too much not to return again one day.

So see you soon, Bali. It’s been real 😃.




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